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From Ensenada to Alice Springs, racers strive for consistency. Consistent speed wins races and consistent results win championships. The Tatts Finke is Australia’s greatest desert race. The course starts in Alice Springs and travels 226 kilometers to Finke for an overnight stop. The following day, competitors retrace their steps; racing back to Alice Springs. Shawn Swaffield relied on the consistent performance of his Australian Spec Alumi Craft Prolite Buggy to take the victory at Tatts Finke. It was Shawn’s second straight Tatts Finke win.

“Our Alumi Craft and Fox suspension package has proven once again to be reliable and crazy fast in the rough,” said Swaffield, “The 2015 Tatts Finke desert race has been the toughest race we have competed in to date with dust and massive whoops demanding no lapse in concentration. We had a plan and we stuck to it playing smart in the dust and fast in the rough. Consistency paid dividends with two consecutive class wins in a row at the Tatts Finke desert race. Our Alumi Craft has been on the podium every race we have completed in Australian Off Road Racing.”

The Tatts Finke race is a test of endurance. At the 2015 MBL Sea Lake Mallee Rally ARB 350 all out speed is rewarded. Competitors do two laps of the 88 kilometer course then take an hour break to refuel and make repairs. After the break, they do two more laps to determine a winner. The competition demands an all-out pace on every lap. Andrew McClelland drove four consistent laps in his Nissan V6 powered Alumi Craft Aussie Prolite for the win.

This was the most competitive race I have ever been involved in, in over 20 years of racing,” said McClelland, “Being pushed and pushing, I learned a bit about driving and a hell of a lot about my Alumi Craft car. I pushed it way beyond what I thought was its limits. It turns out, it has no limits! Alumi Craft have built an amazing car that will bounce of anything and look for more!”

On the opposite side of the world, Brothers Aaron and Alan Ampudia were demonstrating consistency in their Alumi Craft class 1600 car at the Baja 500. It was the second straight 500 mile race in the SCORE International Off Road Racing Series. It was also the second straight win for the Ampudia Brothers. It was also the third straight podium; they finished 3rd in San Felipe.

“We had nearly a perfect race just like at the Baja Sur 500,” said Aaron Ampudia, “It was a tough and really technical Baja 500 but we have our 1600 Alumi Craft dialed in. We have been able to show good results all season.”

Champions around the world rely on Alumi Craft Race Cars for quality, dependability and consistent performance. Whether you are racing in the desert, prerunning or competing on the track, Alumi Craft is committed to providing you with a competitive, safe and reliable vehicle that exceeds your expectations. If you demand the best, give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 or go to: to find out more about our race products and services.

Australian Photos By: DirtComp Magazine / Baja 500 Photos By: GetSomePhoto